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I. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1:

VEGETARIANISM Until recently, vegetarianism was fairly uncommon in Britain, and it is still considered strange by some. But since the 1960s its popularity has increased greatly, to the (1) ________ that high street stores stock a huge variety of products for vegetarians. The reasons people give for not eating meat are numerous. Perhaps (2) _________ vegetarians do it for moral reasons, arguing that it is wrong to kill. The opposing point of view is that it is natural for us to kill for food, and that we have evolved to do so. Still, there are societies where eating meat is not allowed because it is (3) _________ their religion. There are other good reasons to give up meat, one of which is the inefficiency of livestock farming. A single field of soya bean plants can actually produce 200 times as much protein as the number of cattle which could be raised on the same area of land, so a vegetarian world might be a world without hunger. (4) ________ it is, in theory, cheaper to eat only vegetables, vegetarianism is most popular in richer countries such as Germany and Britain, where many people exclude meat for health reasons. In these countries, at least, it (5) ________ to be a matter of choice rather than necessity. (1)_________

Câu 2:


Câu 3:


Câu 4:


Câu 5:


Câu 6:

TEXAS A Texas middle school is under fire after students say they have been banned from speaking Spanish in class. The students say their principal announced the rule last month over the intercom. Inside the walls of Hemptead Middle School, a language controversy is brewing. “There’s one teacher that said, “If you speak Spanish in my class, I’m gonna write you up,” 8th grader Tiffani Resurez says. Four students say their principal’s announcement – banning them from speaking Spanish in class – has given teachers and fellow students a hall pass to discriminate. “She was like, “No speaking Spanish.” She told me that. I was like, “That’s my first language.” She said, “Well, you can get out,” fellow classmate Yedhany Gallegos says. A letter sent home by the superintendent says, “Neither the district nor any campus has any policy prohibiting the speaking of Spanish.” The four students feel that the statement from the superintendent has not been made entirely clear that their school. “People don’t want to speak it anymore and don’t want to get caught speaking it because they’re going to get into trouble,” 6th grader Kiara Lozano says. Parents, like Cynthia Zamora, believe the school is not getting to the root of the problem. She wants to know why the “No Spanish” announcement was ever made in the first place. “I was very surprised that she would even go to such lengths,” Zamora says. Many students at the school grew up speaking Spanish at home, and they say it often comes as second nature when they’re talking to each other at school. “I’m not scared. I’m gonna keep speaking my language. That’s my first language, and I’m gonna keep doing it,” Lozano said. The principal has been placed on paid administrative leave while the district investigates. A spokewoman for Hempstead Independent School District has released a statement saying, in part, “The district is committed to efficiently and effectively resolving this matter with as little disruption to our students and their learning environment as possible.” In the passage, the word “root” is closest in meaning to _______.

Câu 7:

Why was the policy introduced?

Câu 8:

What can we infer about the policy on no speaking Spanish?

Câu 9:

What will the district do?

Câu 10:

In the passage, the word “it” refers to _________.

Câu 11:

'A good book for children should simply be a good book in its own right.' These are the words of Mollie Hunter, a well-known author of books for youngsters. Born and bred near Edinburgh, Mollie has devoted her talents to writing primarily for young people. She firmly believes that there is always and should always be a wider audience for any good book whatever its main market. In Mollie's opinion it is essential to make full use of language and she enjoys telling a story, which is what every writer should be doing 'If you aren't telling a story, you're a very dead writer indeed,' she says. With the chief function of a writer being to entertain, Molly is indeed an entertainer. 'I have this great love of not only the meaning of language but of the music of language,' she says. This love goes back to early childhood. 'I've told stories all my life. I had a school teacher who used to ask us what we would like to be when we grew up and, because my family always had dogs, and I was very good at handling them, I said I wanted to work with dogs, and the teacher always said "Nonsense, Mollie dear, you'll be a writer." So eventually I thought that this woman must have something, since she was a good teacher - and I decided when I was nine that I would be a writer. ‟This childhood intention is described in her novel, A Sound of Chariots, which although written in the third person is clearly autobiographical and gives a picture both of Mollie's ambition and her struggle towards its achievement. Thoughts of her childhood inevitably brought thoughts of the time when her home was still a village with buttercup meadows and strawberry fields - sadly now covered with modern houses. 'I was once taken back to see it and I felt that somebody had lain dirty hands all over my childhood. I'll never go back,' she said. 'Never.' 'When I set one of my books in Scotland,' she said, 'I can recapture my romantic feelings as a child playing in those fields, or watching the village blacksmith at work. And that's important, because children now know so much so early that romance can't exist for them, as it did for us.' To this day, Mollie has a lively affection for children, which is reflected in the love she has for her writing. 'When we have visitors with children the adults always say, "If you go to visit Mollie, she'll spend more time with the children." They don't realise that children are much more interesting company. I've heard all the adults have to say before. The children have something new.' In Molie Hunter’s opinion, one sign of a poor writer is ________.

Câu 12:

What does “it” in paragraph 3 refer to?

Câu 13:

How does Mollie feel about what has happened to her birthplace?

Câu 14:

What do we learn about Mollie Hunter as a very young child?

Câu 15:

In comparison with children of earlier years, Mollie feels that modern children are _____.

Câu 16:

What does Mollie Hunter feel about the nature of a good book?

Câu 17:

What is the writer’s purpose in this text?

Câu 18:

Mollie’s adult visitors generally discover that _____.

Câu 19:

Câu 20:

Choose the word that has different pronunciation profile, stomach, postpone, cyclone.

Câu 21:

Câu 22:

Choose the word that has different primary stress atmosphere, Vietnamese, entertain, picturesque.

Câu 23:

The children are extremely excited about the visit to the town where their grandparents were born in.

Câu 24:

Some of the jobs described in the job interview were writing essays, correcting papers, and reports typing. (underlined part that needs correction)

Câu 25:

She always wishes to be chosen for the national ballet team, just alike her mother. (underlined part that needs correction)

Câu 26:

- Ben “You didn’t go to school yesterday, did you?” - Jasmine “ _______. I saw you, but you were talking to someone”

Câu 27:

- Mother “How come you didn’t tell me that you would quit your job?” - Lisa “__________.”

Câu 28:

The renovation of the national museum is now nearing completion.

Câu 29:

The problem of salary didn’t come up in the meeting last week. (underlined words CLOSET in meaning with)

Câu 30:

Although not essential, some prior knowledge about the company when applying is desirable.

Câu 31:

Your suggestions are not in harmony with the aims of our project. (underlined words OPPOSITE in meaning with)

Câu 32:

The biologists have found more than one thousand types of butterflies in the forest, ______ its special characteristics.

Câu 33:

If you are ______ of hearing, these hearing aids will be invaluable.

Câu 34:

_______ Steve to help, I'm sure he would agree. He is so kind a person.

Câu 35:

Jenny has an _______ command of Japanese cuisine.

Câu 36:

The new airport has ______ a lot of changes on this island.

Câu 37:

The new secretary is really asking for trouble, ______ the boss's requests like that.

Câu 38:

The way in which we work has _______ a complete transformation in the past decade.

Câu 39:

He was accused to theft, but then he ______ as the real thief confessed to the police.

Câu 40:

The government has made a big effort to tackle the two most important _______ issues of our country.

Câu 41:

They have signed an agreement to protect the forests _______ all over the world.

Câu 42:

Pat, put all your toys away _______ someone slips and falls on them.

Câu 43:

Vietnam has played _______ high spirits and had an impressive 2-0 victory over Yemen.

Câu 44:

By the time the software _______ on sale next month, the company ______ $2 million on developing it.

Câu 45:

The excursion is ______ unique opportunity to discover _______ wild in its natural beauty.

Câu 46:

The only members of the cat family that can roar are lions, leopards, tigers and jaguars, but lions are by far the loudest.

Câu 47:

The likelihood of suffering a heart attack rises as one becomes increasingly obese. 

Câu 48:

It seems to me that we’ve taken the wrong train.

Câu 49:

My sisters used to get on with each other. Now they hardly speak.

Câu 50:

We should quickly find a solution to the problem. Otherwise, its impact on those concerned will increase.

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